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Strength comes from within

Youth Sports Training

This training session is geared to help our youth athletes excel in their sports, by teaching our athletes how to get into the zone through Breath work and mindfulness.  Along with Hand eye coordination, Brain training, nutritional guidance, Goal setting and of course Strength and conditioning.  We want our athletes to be the best in their sports and also to handle life in stride.  We engage the athletes and play games and do some competitive training against their peers.  Why do we emphasize Mindfulness and breathing? Because it allows us to up regulate and down regulate when necessary in events and to not become breathless during our competitions.  What happens if an athlete does not become breathless and can maintain a flow state through out the game?  They will become one of the best at their game and be able to constantly push the envelope. 

Why we want to help the youth improve their skills! 

We learned from experience eating whatever was in site, not getting my rest and always over training!  Where did that lead me?  to a long list of injuries, fatigue and inevitably not furthering my athletic career.

We want to help the youth through our training by setting attainable goals, learning how to harness their breath, teach them how to eat to fuel themselves, increase their coordination and hand eye skills, increase their strength and conditioning. 

We not only help our athletes we communicate with their parents to help them understand how to help their child get to the next level, or just stay at their peak. 

We focus on the path of mastery not just winning, what does that mean? 

It means we focus on the day to day changes and always make sure we practice.  If we do not practice and train and stay on the plateau to improve our skills we never find our true potential or achieve mastery. 

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