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Holistic Personal Trainer in Amherst, NY

Move Wysley is a fun workout environment that will push you to become more coordinated and help increase your cognitive thinking during the process!

What You Can Expect at Our Functional Fitness Gym

Our workout training sessions are an hour long, perfect amount of time to find in your day! These workouts consist of:

• Breathing technique to maximize your workout and recovery

• Visual training

• Strength and conditioning

You'll get everything you'll need from these workouts to hit your fitness goals and have a great time doing it! Regardless of your workout experience, our team is here to guide you through every session so you get everything you need while staying safe through each movement. 

Get Ready to Sweat!

About the Move Wysely Owner

Emily Wyse is from the Western New York area. Fitness has been a part of her life growing up, leading to the creation of Move Wysley!

Life in Fitness

Emily competed in both college ice hockey and soccer at SUNY Buffalo State College. She still competes at a competitive level, along with recreational sports of jiu-jitsu, snowboarding, skiing, and football.

Emily has her Master's degree in Health and Human Performance and her massage license. 



Stott Pilates Mat, Reformer and Barre

MAT Jumpstart.

At Move Wysley, we have both experience and the expertise to treat and train any individual that wants to work on their fitness goals. Don't put your health on the back-burner for another day. Schedule your next training session with us! 

The Gym is equipped with Keiser equipment, Watt bike, Versa Climber, Rogue Kettlebells and barbells, Assault Bike and perform better bands.

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