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Post Concussion Recovery

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 12th 2023

What is post concussion syndrome?  It is lingering symptoms after a concussion that seem to not resolve on their own.  The symptoms can range from dizziness, blurred vision, double vision, vestibular issues, coordination deficits, learning disabilities, blood flow changes, sleep disturbances, nutritional absorption issues, light sensitivity, memory loss, emotional changes, breathing and heart rate issues.  As you can see there are many symptoms related to post concussion and this is why it is hard to diagnosis, making it so important to track symptoms and changes in your life as this can tell the medical doctor there is a possibility of PCS due to specific changes.  

Our Second Blog Entry

January 26th, 2023

How to overcome post concussion syndrome?  First we need to address any pain as this can alter and hinder your recovery.  We do this by helping with movement patterns and use pain reductions strategies, such as Ice, compression, massage and most importantly movement and mind body connection.  Also we utilize the breath to break pain cycles as well as promote healing.  We teach on how nutrition plays a role in reducing inflammation and how it increases our overall health and ability to heal from within.  Next we address blood flow issues, we do this by adding in cardiovascular training, such as the bike or treadmill for 20-40 minutes while monitoring the clients heart rate. Next we get into changing the biomechanics of our breathing and the physiology of our breath and how it affects us. We use bands and hand placements to bring awareness to where we need to breath into and what we need to focus on. Then we move into lymphatic drainage and mobility of the neck, jaw and upper back, this allows waste products to be eliminated more easily to bring more activation to our brain.  Finally we use vision training, vestibular training and balance training to help the client improve their skills to be able to return to a normal life.  I found that after my concussions I became more aware and healthier than I ever had been, I enjoy reading and writing now and studying!  Never thought I would say that!

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2022

to come soon

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