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Human Potential Post Concussion

Our newest Service!  We want to help those that have had trouble getting back to normal life post concussion, we don't want to see anyone suffer from the long term side effects of concussions!  

What we do during our sessions: Increase Blood Flow, Cardiovascular Training, Functional Breathing, Heart Rate Training, Visual Training, Cognitive and balance training along with Lymphatic Drainage.    

Why do we want to help you?  I personally had 6 concussions and a whiplash injury and suffered for years after my last concussion and traveled around the world trying to figure out what was wrong going to a million different doctors and therapists.  With little to no progress or answers I finally found the right people, this is our main reason we want to cut the cost and time to heal from concussions! Work with someone who knows exactly how it feels to go through therapy and the hard times and learning difficulties to get back to a normal life. We also have many referals for our clients to use as needed, let us do the leg work to help you out of this difficult time!

Each client will start with an assessment and then move into sessions 1 to 2 times per week depending on the clients ability to do at home therapy between sessions. Compliance and consistency are key!

What is our educations:

Z health post concussion course, Advanced Oxygen advantage instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, NASM corrective exercises specialist, Muscle activation technique (jumpstart), Masters in Strength and Conditioning. Our own experience with post concussions and self studying and observation hours with Dr. Darling! 

Who can Benefit?

Children, teens and young adults do the best with these sessions. We will currently be working with clients under the age of 45, as the more we age the therapies change. 

Click the link above to get in for an assessment!

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