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Group Fitness Sessions

Amherst, NY

Starting Group sessions today will enhance your life!  Our group sessions at Move Wysely place a strong emphasis on setting goals, improving balance, and training vision before our main workout. As a result, our group training sessions only contain 2-6 clients per hour. By keeping our groups smaller, it allows for our trainers to provide quality coaching that is still equivalent to 1:1 personal training.

group fitness class

How Our Group Sessions Differ From Other Gyms

Our group training sessions are unique from other gyms because we adapt on the fly and can tailor the workout based on each individual’s needs. Our trainers focus on how each person in the group feels and push them to the capacity they can achieve that day. 

Our main focus is on recovery and progress.  Even If you are injured we still encourage you to train, movement is medicine. There is likely a work around to keep you moving! 

Group sessions don’t just focus on the physical aspect of training! At Move Wysey, we focus on how the breath affects our movement and how our emotions and sleep patterns affect our readiness. For females, we track our hormone cycle to know when it’s appropriate to push and when we need to reel it in.  

We tailor each workout individually, even in the group sessions! 

Take Your Health in Your Hands and Book Your Next Group Session!

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