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Why you should try Functional Fitness today! 

Working out is not only about feeling and looking great, but it should also benefit your everyday life, too! Incorporating functional training into your workouts will help prepare your body for daily activities. Exercise is beneficial for daily functioning, but not all forms of exercise meet functional fitness criteria. We explain what functional fitness really is and how it can benefit your quality of life.

women doing functional fitness

What Exactly is Functional Fitness?

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, functional fitness exercises prepare your muscles for daily tasks by simulating movement that is commonly performed at home, at work, or even in sports. One of the best examples of functional fitness is the squat. Some of our daily activities that mimic the squat movement include:

  • Sitting down and standing up
  • Getting into your car
  • Going to the bathroom

The squat, among many other movements, is one of the most essential functional movements to train.

Why You Should Incorporate Functional Fitness Into Your Wellness Journey

1. Balance and Stability

Many things in life can affect balance and stability. So it's a good idea to continuously work on these functional movements down at the gym to prepare for the outside world. It doesn't matter how healthy we look, true health depends on how we incorporate wellness into our lives.

A functional exercise that increases stability is the shoulder press. If you reach for an item on a shelf and then turn around and raise your arms to run away until you find a place to put the box, your body will be glad you have been working on this type of similar movement.

These types of situations are present in our everyday life and we want to make sure that our body is equipped to handle basic movements to get through the day, with no issues.

2. Increased Strength

Functional exercises assist in increasing overall strength. This is mainly because most functional movements improve core and stability. The more stable your foundation, the stronger you will be.

Most machine exercises do a great job of isolating muscle groups. This is great for building muscle mass, but if you want to increase strength, you want to incorporate exercises that build those muscles that facilitate strength and stability.

We rarely use just one of our muscle groups in isolation during our daily activities. As an example, if you’re shoveling snow, you’re not just using your biceps to move the shovel, you’re using both your upper body and lower body. This example uses your lower body to collect the snow under the shovel, bracing your core to start lifting the snow, then utilizing the arms to pull the snow.

This shows that it's essential that our whole body is prepared for tasks such as this.

3. Reduce Risk of Injury

Functional exercise can significantly reduce the risk of injury in everyday life. For example, with proper form, it is highly unlikely to get injured while deadlifting or squatting. However, many people end up picking up dirt bags or something somewhat heavy, throwing their backs out, and getting injured.

These daily activities can hurt small muscles when you least expect them. When you work with an experienced personal trainer, such as the professionals at Move Wysely, we can incorporate exercises into your workout routine to help alleviate the risk of these everyday movements.

Incorporate Functional Fitness with Move Wysely

Move Wysely has a holistic approach to health and fitness. When you workout with us, we keep functional movement in mind while getting after the best workout tailored to your goals. Start working out with us today by booking your training session here!

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