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Month 3 Workout Plan

Month 3

Increase weight each week

15 minutes of box breathing per day with 5 minutes of breath light per day

Day 1

Warm up

Down dog to high plank x10 reps with a 20 second plank hold

Shoulder tap x20

Kettlebell pull through in high plank x20

Crossbody stretch and hamstring stretch

Set 1

3 sets of each

Front Squat x12 (barbell or two kettlebells)

Front loaded Step up x10

Front loaded Bulgarian split squat x10

Banded bridge x20

Set 2

3 sets of each

Single leg squat x10

Lateral leg raise x20

Paloff press to rotation x10

High to low chop with cable x10

Set 3

Shuttle run 1 minute sprint then rest for 10 reps go outside if you can.

Day 2


Cat/ cow x10

Childs pose 1 minute

Superman x10

Cobra x10

Set 1

4 sets of each

Single arm chest press off ball x12

Single arm fly on the ball x10

Push up to mountain climber x8

Banded birddog (banded pull over) x20

Set 2

4 sets of each

Incline row off bench x12

Incline y raise x10

Single arm banded pull down x12 Or cable

Ball plank in and outs x20

Set 3

3 sets of each

Triceps press down x15

Bicep curl x15

Set 4

4 square run forward, side shuffle, run backwards, side shuffle

3 reps each direction to max effort push ups for 30 seconds.

3 sets

Day 3

Warm up Banded bridge Hold to move up and down 3 rounds of 30 seconds of each

Set 1

3 sets of each

Hex bar deadlift x20

Box jump x8

Single leg deadlift x12

Side plank clam x12

Set 2

3 sets of each

Lunge to step up x10

Lateral hops single leg x8

Squat thruster x20 (squat press)

Burpee x10

Set 3

Bike tabata 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off

10 minute high resistance bike ride (nasal breathing only) increase RPMs

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