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Month 1 Workout Plan

Month 1

3 times per week increasing weight each week, start at a moderate weight where you can complete the rounds and sets. Complete each exercise in order as a superset and take rest as needed.

Day 1


10 McKenzie push up to 20 second forearm plank 5 rounds

90/90 hold 30 seconds and fold forward over the lead leg 30 seconds.

Lateral leg opener x8

Worlds greatest stretch x8

Set 1

4 sets Barbell Back squat x12

3 sets Split squat x10

3 sets Single leg squat x10

3 sets Single leg bridge x20

Set 2

Heel elevated Goblet squat (kettlebell or dumbbell or no weight if needed)

10 rounds of 10 reps with only a 10 second break between sets.

Use a bumper plate or something that will elevate your heels

Set 3

Bike sprints Tabata 10 sec./20sec. for 8 rounds keep the same RPMS each round

Set 4

Lateral band Walks x20

Leg Extension off a physio ball with band x20

Hamstring curl on physio ball x10

Complete each for 2-3 rounds

Day 2


Scorpion Stretch x8

Bird dog x8

Arm rotations from all fours x6

Deadbug x8

Set 1

3 sets of each

Chest press on bench x15

Fly off the bench x12

Push up off the bench x10

Shoulder taps in high plank x20

Set 2

3 sets of each

Bent over barbell Row x15

Single Arm pull down x12

Reverse Fly x10

Cobra x20

Set 3

3 sets of each

Straight arm pull down x10

Triceps press down x20

Set 4

5 sets of a sprint on the treadmill for 30 seconds with a 1 minute break to calm the breathing down

Day 3

Warm up

Cat/cow x10

Single leg bridge

90/90 shin box

Hamstring nerve Glide

Set 1

4 sets of each

Hex bar deadlift (suitcase squat if weights if needed) x12

Ball slam to vertical jump x8

Banded hip thrust or weighted x20

Set 2

3 sets of each

Lateral lunge to balance x12

Lateral Shifts with Kettlebell (weight is in opposite hand that you shift to) x20

Lateral hops two feet 30 seconds

Set 3

2 sets

Walking lunges or alternating lunges for 2 minutes (no weight)

Set 4

High Resistance bike ride for 10 minutes keeping the RPMs above 45 but below 60 this should feel difficult to maintain. Nasal breathing only and increase speed each week.

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